Photo Gallery

"Ritzie", Our First Parti Baby   Aren't We Sweet in Our Easter Clothes? Stepping Out To The Ritz is Our Daddy!   "Rockstar" Parti Diamond's Baby @ 5 Mo
Tinker Bell - 2 lbs of Attitude "Winston" is my Daddy   "Olivia" Teacup Girl of Parti Diamonds   "Golden Melody" our butter-gold 6 1/2 lb female
Parti Diamonds R Forever & Babies   "Chocolate Glitz & Glamour" our 4 lb deep choc sire   "Glitter" our Beautiful 6 lb. Gold & White Parti Female
Daisy - 5 lb gold and white parti   "Daisy" Gold and White Parti Female   Stepping Out to The Ritz
Mystic Diamond Rio - 4 lb.Black & Tan Parti Sire   Diamond Rhonda   Diamond Rhonda - 5 lb Black & Tan Parti